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To empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students through sharing knowledge, fostering cultural safety and strengthening identity maintaining high expectations in our Community of Schools.

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be deadly  stay deadly

Welcome to our site, the purpose of our site is to provide cultural knowledge to students from our schools based in Campbelltown on Dharawal land. In early 2020, our team analysed what our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students wanted to learn about through the process of their Personalised Learning Plans. As we entered into the restrictions of the pandemic we thought creatively about how we could reach our students and how we could still assist students to reach their goals. We collaboratively devised a contact list of knowledge holders in our local area. Our knowledge holders agreed to share their knowledge and local 'story teller'/ videographer Lopini Paea captured their stories, advice and activities beautifully. Most of our knowledge holders reside on Dharawal land and we are proud that such rich knowledge resides here. We believe that embracing, learning and sharing cultural knowledge strengthens identity and develops the whole child.

We aim to continually to add to our site, so please check in regularly. 

Please note that all art and content was purposefully designed for this site, if you would like to get in contact with us please do via the contact form below. 

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The Our Knowledge Holders Team

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